The following links are provided to aide you in finding even more information on all types of pain. If we don't cover the topic in which you are interested elsewhere on the site, it will most likely be found within these pages.

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          National Library of Medicine
          Galaxy Health Directory
     General Medical Info
          Health AtoZ

          National Center for Alternative & Complimentary Medicine
          National Institure of Health
          International Assoc. for the Study of Pain
          Health Central
          American Medical Association
     General Pain Links
          International Assoc. for the Study of Pain
          American Academy of Pain Management
          American Academy of Pain Medicine
          American Pain Society
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          Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database
     Miscellaneous Information
             Acupuncture Stimulation
             Discover Mag. - Needles & Nerves
             Capsaicin Q&A
             Ask The Scientist
          Chronic Pain
             HealthAtoZ Chronic Pain Forum
          Electrical Stimulation
             How Microcurrent Produces ATP
             Estim Articles
             T.E.N.S. and Interferential Estim
             Microcurrent Research
             CFIDS Information Exchang
             Fibromyalgia Awareness Campaign
             Fibromyalgia Articles
          Herbal Medicine

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