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HearthMath is a simple but effective method of changing the way you respond mentally and emotionally to stressful experiences in everyday life. Through biofeedback from heart rate monitors, you learn how to change feelings of anger or anxiety to feelings of gratitude or love - changing your heartbeat and bringing about dramatic improvement in stress-related conditions, along with a greater ability to come up with effective solutions to everyday problems. This smoother heartbeat pattern is associated with many positive biochemical, hormonal, and nervous system changes in the body. The heart generates the body's most powerful electric field, pulling or entraining other energy fields into alignment with it, including that of the brain. When this happens, the two branches of the nervous system come into harmony, the brain becomes more alert, feelings of anxiety are reduced, and hormonal and immune system changes occur. The two key exercises used in the HeartMath approach the bring this about are called "Freeze-Frame" and "Cut-Thru".

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