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Rolfing, the popular name for Structural Integration, is a system of soft tissue manipulation and movement re-education based on the idea that human function is improved when the segments of the body -- head, torso, pelvis, legs, feet -- are properly aligned.
     Dr. Ida Rolf discovered that healthy posture and structure could be re-established by manipulating the body's fascial tissues. The fascia, fibrous layers which cover the muscles, deteriorate as a result of injury or chronic stress, becoming stiff and restricting body movement. RolfersŪ use pressure applied with the fingers, knuckles, and elbows to release fascial adhesion - easing pain and tension. This helps to reorganize the tissue back to its proper geometric planes by lifting, lengthening, and balancing the body segments. It is especially helpful in treating chronic back problems, including sway back and scoliosis.

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